Monday, December 13, 2010

Looks like I need to play catch up

My mom's birthday was in November and I made her this cowl.  The yarn came from a local Alpaca farm.  Its baby alpaca and I wasn't sure how it would work up...  If not for the expense (which my mom is worth) I'd crochet with it all the time!
I finally lined the hobo style bag.  I think it turned out nice. 
I especially love that I made the strap adjustable.  I'm pretty sure its going to stretch when the bag is loaded up.  I love the size of it, too.  I crocheted another one in black, ecru, and cranberry but I ran out of black yarn which made the strap too short.  I'm going to frog it and add more ecru and cranberry.  (Well, sometime over the winter I will.)

I visited a friend a few weeks ago and we made little boxes from greeting cards.  Here's the video tutorial we used.

I made some more that weekend from old Christmas cards.  They are so cute! I did modify how I folded them though.  I used a ruler to draw lines from corner to corner, instead of folding, so the tops and bottoms don't have creases in them.
In one of the boxes are a pair of Christmas ear rings that Noelle made for me. Aren't they sweet?

And I finally got my netbook =D

It even has a crochet cover, with a zipper, that I made for it.

Its taking a little getting use to, size wise, but I love it!


A Joyful Chaos said...

Those little boxes are genius! Thanks for sharing the tutorial!

Boomer and Buggy said...

Thank you and you're welcome! :)