Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Recycling Yarn

Last night I spent some time unraveling some crochet and knit items for the yarn.  I came upon this idea one day a couple of years ago.  A lady from church went through her closet and ended up giving me a bunch of sweaters she no longer wore.  They were all very pretty and good quality but so out of style that I knew I would never wear them.  (There was one sweater that was a classic and it now hangs in my closet.)  We have a charity store in town that I could have donated them to but they had so many ladies' sweaters that they didn't need any more.  What to do with all these sweaters?  Recycle!  I've since seen this idea all over the internet but when I was given the sweaters, I didn't have the internet.  Must have been some frugal vibe in me. :-)   Anyway, its a great way to get the expensive yarns for little money.  Other resources, besides hand me downs, are yard sales and thrift stores.  Here is a blog post that tells you the best way and types of sweaters/yarn to look for.

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