Thursday, July 24, 2008

Bargains for Scrapbooking

I read through those scrapbooking books from the library and one of them had an interesting idea for paper storage. I didn't think much more about it after that. Well, I was yard saleing during our community yard sales and ended up finding the materials I needed, as well as a brand new scrapbook for $5. Seems like someone is trying to tell me something ;)

I've decided it will take me a while to gather all the supplies needed for scrapbooking so I will be waiting until winter to start. Unless it snows and I can go cross country skiing what else am I going to do?!

Here's a picture of my new scrapbooking storage unit.

Did I mention that I got all the materials except the cable ties ($1) for free?

There are more wire squares and I only have 3 connectors left but I found the connectors online for $0.20 a piece.

I'm going to make some storage units for the kids because they really need them, there are no closets in their rooms. I really scored with this find as the wire cube units (6 cubes) sell for $35 a set.

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